image Welcome to Irina's Piano Studio, my goal is to offer students the highest quality piano instruction possible. Whether you are a beginner student wanting to learn how to play the piano, a capable musician interested in honing your skills, or if you are seeking piano lessons for your child, I have the knowledge and experience to help you. It is my desire to see all my students excel in their piano playing abilities and to develop the music within them. Learning to play the piano is a beautiful gift you can carry throughout your entire life. Contact me now to discuss your goals. There's no obligation. It's the first step to begin a rewarding musical journey.
Piano Studio

image The Piano Studio is a lively, fun, interactive learning environment for anyone wanting to study the piano and the performing/recording arts and become fluent in the language of music.

Curriculum - Technique, theory, sight reading/singing, ear training, performing, recording techniques.

Ages - All ages and levels welcome! Beginners, Intermediate, Professional.

Styles - Bach to  Jazz, Blues, Pop and World Music.

Performing - Performance is such a crucial aspect in the development of a musician. For this reason,1 to3 recitals are held per year for students wishing to partake in them.

Research links the study of music to:
  • Better language and math abilities
  • Improved school grades
  • Better adjusted social behavior
  • Improvements in spatial-temporal reasoning